Sunday 5 August 2018

Here In My Car

Roy Lichtenstein - In The Car (1963)

In a remarkable case of serendipity, my shuffle on the way to work served up not one, not two but three vehicular themed tunes in a row. So I thought I'd make a post outta it. First up is fairly recent addition to my library, the first half of the 2004 adaption of Appleseed is chock full of electronic goodness. Some of it's leaning super heavy on the experimental side, but some of it's more conventional which makes for a weird mix. Here's one from a bloke that gives Aphex Twin a run for his money when it comes to aliases, Atom™. It caught my ear from the get go, laying down those bleepy Jimmy Edgar-esque sounds, which only continued when the vocals kicked in. Those of you who've been with us for a while will those distortion effects really press my buttons and the dramatic pitch shift at 1:15 is an incredibly well done and is an absolute treat to listen to on headphones.

Oddly enough the tune that came up next has a fair bit in common with Atom, both in terms of sounds and the vocal distortions as it turns out, though this one is a bit more raunchy with what's going on in the lyrics. My Red Hot Car was one of my first loves from Squarepusher, and truth be told I actually slightly prefer this version from the single than from Go Plastic which is a little bit glitch-ier in it's execution. It's fairly accessible as far as Squarepusher's catalogue goes, those no dramatic turns into IDM territory here, just a lot of Amen Breaks and some lovely electronics. A distinct lack of Bass guitar on here however.

And finally a bit of a left turn (pun intended) into Hip-Hop territory. ANother piece from the relativley obscure and forever impossible to google LA Times compilation FlyLo did for the publication of the same name. The whole thing is a treasure trove of unreleased, unheard and alternate versions of FlyLo's stuff. And this one is an example of that, from the sound of it it's probably from the early days when he was all about making [adult swim] bump-worthy tunes. It wouldn't sound too out of place on the other beat tapes he's had leak out from around the same era like July Heat. It's a bit short and doesn't really evolve over it's runtime but it's still welcome addition to my collection of instrumental hip-hop.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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Asimov said...

Great track; mind bending! Reminds me of my time in Manchester and going back to see my mates in Leeds; we all loved this one.