Sunday 15 April 2018

Spotify Monthly Selections April

I was tasked by a friend to recommend some house-y tunes for his holiday playlist, so naturally I jumped at the chance. I was actually fairly surprised at the selection of the classic French House I fell in love with that was available on spotify, kicking off with the oft-overlooked classic album Midnight Funk from Demon, segueing into some more funky stuff from Benjamin Diamond immediately afterwards, and keeping it that way with Modjo. I took a bit of a more modern turn with the next few which was a little risky but thankfully they went down a treat. More future funk styled stuff form Macross 82-99, showing off a little more of that eastern infulence speciffically, followed by a surprisingly non-experimental piece from The Flashbulb. Let Me Walk You To Your Honda has little in common with Benn Jordan's other productions, there might be a little IDM style lurking under those warbles but as far as I can tell this is the only House tune he's really made. Which is a shame because he's really good at it.

More classic selections rounding it out, you know I had to include the legendary Lazy from X-Press 2, which was a younger me's first proper introduction to David Byrne beyond my dad's record collection. All culminating in the gorgeously smooth Dusk You & Me from Groove Armarda. Sounds perhaps a little dated but man do I ever have the biggest soft spot for this style of Café del Mar morning after downtempo vibe.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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