Wednesday 26 September 2018

Ilictronix Podcast: Digital Crate Diggin'

Claude and Adam play and discuss their favourite songs of the week. Claude tells the story of one of his rarest tracks. Adam learns about Freestyle and UK Hard House.

Tracklist and notes follow as per usual.

Rhingo - Without Your Love (Dub)

Claude’s picks:
Blu Mar Ten - I Wake Up
Röyksopp - Sparks (Live)
Repeat - Studio 6.1.22
Alpinestars - Brotherhood
Golden Boy With Miss Kittin - Rippin Kittin (Alexander Polzin Mix)

Adam’s Picks
Jitterbug - Dream Memory
Sidney Charles - House Lesson
Ossie - We Mad
Shinichiro Yokota - Do It Again
Brame And Klansee - They’ll Be

Projections - Escaping Sao Paulo

Show Notes:
Miss Kittin's archive of the Alexander Polzin mix is here, I'd reccomend her playlist section to all artists as a 'how-to' when it comes to archiving your work!

The remix of Shinichiro Yokota's Do It Again that Adam mentions is the Fabio Monsei Remix, which you can listen to here, it appears on this EP called The Far East Transcripts by Soichi Terada and Shinichiro Yokota

ANd once again for this week, the list that Adam linked me to a big list of tunes this guy on discogs hates, including a huge teardown of Stardust (and various other cult and other big electronic tunes) you can find here. It's the complete opposite of how I try approach criticism but if you need your daily dose of vitriol it's an interesting read, if some iffy reasoning for some of the entries.

And with that, we are done for another week of Podcasting! Me and Adam will be back with more same time same channel next week. As always, stay safe and enjoy the music. We'll leave the light on for ya.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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