Wednesday 12 December 2018

Ilictronix Podcast: Bumpworthy for NYE

"Claude and Adam share their favorite tracks of the week. In this episode Claude brings a selection of rare beat music and shares the impact of Adult Swim bump music. Adam explores tracks he will play for New Years parties."

We are back with our penultimate show of 2018! And I couldn't have picked a better summary of our two selections styles than this episode right here. As the short description above says, I take you all on another digital crate digging tour of my drives, sharingsome stuff from nearly decade old mixtapes, and some insider scoops I've gotten from long-time friend of mine and the blog Evan, who's producing now under his EVK95 moniker. Adam switches things up and does a complete 180 on my downtempo beat-focused selections and uses this episode as a testing ground for his potential New Year's mix content. I enjoyed the insight though, takes me back to when I used to put together New Year's track dumps that had bits and pieces of every genre in there, from Drum & Bass to Trance and the like. Anyway, the show's a little shorter this week but only due to my selections being fairly short by nature, the amount of tunes is the same and we have some good talk to boot. As always: stay safe, enjoy the music, and we'll see y'all next week!

Taraval - Aardvark

Claude’s picks:
Ev K - Sweet
Stevo - Can I
Knxwledge - Rude
Deadbeat Demon - The Dealio Sounds
Flying Lotus - Slow It Down

Adam’s Picks
Perko - Rounded
Roman Rauch - Hausware
Kaytranada - It Was Meant 2 B
Ruffneck Revival - Saturday Love
DJ Bone - Circus World

MF Doom - Saffron

Show Notes:
There are many sites that sought to archive all things Adult Swim bump related out there, the one I had in mind (and the title of this episode) is, which is by far and away my most used back when I was super into them. It displays artist and track names too, so if you feel like looking up your faves you can, but more importantly if there's a tune you particularly like there's a high chance of the site having the info!

Predictably, it was a bit of digital crate digging to find Stevo's Muffins (and google getting confused with the actual Steve-O) but the original Mediafire (cor, remember that?) link is still up, and it works! Those of you looking for Stevo's one and only release can find it here. Be aware that Mediafire has become a bit of an ad-riddled mess in the interim years, keep an eye out for malicious pop-ups and the like.

I'm just going to reserve this spot down here for later, I'm fairly sure that Adam had some stuff to go in the show notes that I'm forgetting about. But like always I'll fill this in when he gets back to me, or I listen to the episode and find out whichever comes first.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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