Wednesday 16 January 2019

Ilictronix Podcast: Trip Hop In Purple

"This week: Claude gives a primer into the genre of trip hop. Adam has a selections of songs that remind him of the color purple."

We carry on into the wild frontiers of 2019. This week I give what I call a vertical slice of trip-hop, nothing too obscure, but carefully skirting the big hitters such as Massive Attack's Teardrop. The opening mix of Duvet is fantastic. I adore the original too of course, but the mix is jut so deliciously 90's, it really pushes those partially nostalgic buttons of mine. It's coming up on 21 years old this year too, but that's the extent of my Benjamin Button-ing for this week. After that I dive into a bit of UNKLE, specifically the album Psyence Fiction where DJ Shadow was part of UNKLE, it's a fantastic addition to anyone whose into downtempo's collection, as well as another bit from the Sneaker Pimps remix album Becoming Remixed, which as I say in the episode is a masterclass in popular electronic genres of the time, in stark contrast to the timeless Spin Spin Sugar rework, 6 Underground maintains its moody edge with yet another slightly dated treatment from Perfecto

Rounding out the Trip Hop selections, we return to its roots in Bristol, with a back to back appearance from Tricky and the Massive Attack boys. I said pretty much my thoughts on Overcome in the episode, it's an absolutley stellar opening to an album and one that immediately springs to my mind when I think of what makes the Trip Hop sound. And of course we round out with Unfinished Sympathy, an incredibly popular record at the time circa 90-91, it's reputation is well deserved. To think that a track this well produced comes from a debut album is nothing short of sublime, the Massive Attack boys had solid tunes from the get go and it's great to see them (or rather, some of them given the line-up change between Protection and Mezzanine) still going strong today.

Adam takes us on a Synesthesia tinged tour of his listening history. The colour in question for this week is Purple. It's an interesting approach for sure, and one that I'm no stranger to if you listened to past episodes where I talk about my CMYK playlists (see the show notes!). Adam's choices this week maintain that downtempo mentality but obviously flip the genre, I was surprised at how well they fit together given how we've compltley contrasted in terms of sound in previous episodes. Once again though I am very happy to hear whatever Adam brings each week, and this week was no exception, there's some beautifully lush tunes in the second half of the show. I perhaps wouldn't tag them with purple myself but there's a definite theme going in with his choices. As always full tracklist and show notes are below!

Bôa - Duvet (Cyberia Mix)

Claude’s picks:
UNKLE - Unreak
Thievery Corporation - Until The Morning
Sneaker Pimps - 6 Underground (Perfecto Mix)
Tricky - Overcome
Massive Attack - Unfinished Sympathy

Adam’s Picks
Frits Wentink - Theme 5
Hot Music - Harry Romero
Feelarama - Sanasol
Armonica -Ngeke (Andhim Remix)
DJ Central - HejHej

Byron The Aquarius - Truth Is What U See

Show Notes:
Right, well first things first I didn't explicitly mention putting this in the show notes, but I have to post the video for Unfinished Sympathy, it's fantastically shot and really drives home that americana influence that the first Massive Attack album had. Get a load of that early 90's fashion too.

And finally, the other thing I mentioned, re-posting the CMYK playlists when they each hit 100. They're all pretty close actually! but in true Van Foxbat form the one to hit it first was the Key playlist, home of all things dowmtempo and otherwise slightly depressing. Not strictly elctronic this one, which probably gave it a bit of a leg up in hindsight but regardless, you can find it here and if you're interested, my profile, with the rest of my playlists

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