Friday 1 February 2019

Ilictronix Podcast: The Cold Snap

"In this episode: Claude gives us his comfy and cozy playlist. Adam picks his tracks to keep him busy during the arctic blast in Chicago.

Apologies for the slight delay on this one, I personally have had a hell of a week for a variety of reasons but that pales in comparison to what Adam has had 'round his neck of the woods. As I'm sure you're all aware there's been a hell of a weather thing going on in that part of the USA. This post ideally should have gone up sooner too but the timezones meant it went up at 2AM my time so again apologies.

Anyway, with the weather in mind, I break tradition from my usual cold playlist choices again and dive into things a little bit more sweet; kickning off with the deliciously smooth ComfyCozy from Luke Vibert before taking a trip to the (fairly limited) J-Pop portion of my collection. We continue the trend with an injection of cute courtesy of the A Hat In Time soundtrack (which as I mention in the episode was one of the choices I cut from last week's videogame-centric choices) before rounding things up with the usual suspects of Röyksopp for that early 00's downtempo goodness, Squarpusher for some light jazz (and not some Drill 'N Bass like you'd expect) and finally going full jazz by way of Mr. Scruff. As mentioned at the top of the ep, I hope that these selections have warmed you in these trying times, or at least provided you some new listenings.

Adam reworked his tracklist last minute and I don't hold it against him. Those of you that were around for our 'Gloomy Sunday' posts way back when will know that when me and Adam explore the more depressing side of our collections we can go in HARD, and given Adam's current predicament it would make sense but hot damn if his swapped out ones don't work just as well for the opposite reasons. It's as you might have come to expect from him a lovely cross section of what makes him tick: a wide selection of Garage and fantastically smooth house both new and old. I think it almost qualifies as another digital crate digging installment (only with mostly real vinyls this time) and really what better way to pass the time on a wintery day than go browsing through your records eh? As per usual, full tracklist and notes below:

Luke Vibert - ComfyCozy

Claude’s picks:
Aimer - Cold Sun (Ryo Nagano Remix)
Pascal Michael Stiefel - Scootin’ Through Clocktowers Beneath The Sea
Röyksopp - Boys
Squarepusher - Iambic 9 Poetry
Mr. Scruff - Night Time

Adam’s Picks
DJ Rou- Dante Says Truth
Scott Garcia - A London Thing

Dem 2 - Destiny

Ian Pooley - Relations
Toolate Groove - Track M

Lone - Blue Moon Tree

See y'all next week, where we'll be bringing you more selections and we'll hopefully be on time to boot!

-Claude Van Foxbat

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