Wednesday 17 April 2019

ilictronix Podcast: Synth 'N New

"Claude digs deep in the synth wave well to bring us some neon soaked cuts. Adam shares tracks that are all "new".

We are back again for this week! We officially have hit our first ever sequel to an episode, this week I get all synthwavey again (and get on a fairly lengthy sidetrack on what exactly makes 'cyberpunk' music). I switch it up a little bit more this time due to me having some new artists and sources to get my 'wave on, starting of strong with a bit from NINA as appears on the Adult Swim compilation Fever Dreams. As I say in the episode I had never encountered her stuff before, and its moments of discovery like this that make me not feel so bad about talking about soundtracks a lot, after all finding stuff you dig is a good thing, no matter the source! After that we take a tour of the usual suspects (and some perhaps not-quite synthwavey additions from HEALTH and my most recent electronic loves Sidewalks & Skeletons.) I was surprised once again despite me sayin I don't have much of the genre I didn't use up *all* the tracks I'd consider putting on this show, but that's a tale for another day. Adam's selections are on point again, in a rare break for both of us here at ilictronix Adam treats us to some brand spanking new tunes he has to hand (which I almost did with the new Chem Bros. album as I say in the episode). Rest assured despite the age of Adam's choices this week, there is still a healthy amount of Piano Stabs(tm) to go 'round. Tracklist as usual below!

Intro: Project Pablo - Wildest Way To Go

Claude’s picks:
NINA - The Calm Before The Storm
Power Glove - Sloan’s Assault
Mitch Murder - Ocean Avenue
Sidewalks And Skeletons - Disappear
HEALTH - Max: Panama

Adam’s Picks
Kettama - East Side Avenue
Harvey Sutherland - Something In The Water
Paul Woolford Ft. Karen Harding - You Already Know
Skee Mask - Trackheadz
Octo Octa - Bodies Meld Together

Carpenter Brut - Escape From Midwich Valley

The two cyberpunk playlists I mentioned in the episode can be found on my spotify! The first is just general atmosphere, any song that feels slightly cyberpunk to me goes here, from techno to ambient and back again, it is very creatively called 'Cyberpunk'. The other one I mentioned, meant to be in-universe stuff played at near future raves and the like is called the Cyberia Mix, I've been adding a lot to it lately and I'm very happy with the vibe it has, check it out if you're due some techy goodness.

Mitch Murder's Bandcamp is a goldmine of stuff if you dug his uniquely retro sound. As I said in the episode you can pick up all the 'Selection' albums for free if you so choose, definitely check out his other EPs if you're into it though there's a ton of good stuff.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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