Sunday 10 November 2019

Wired Sound For Wired People

Part 2 of this month's cyberpunk shenanigans is one that I think I've mentioned before here but I'm not sure. It's another curated list of mine over on spotify, this time we're talking about the Cyberia Mix.
It has a really varied history, beginning as a love letter to the fictional club of the same name from Serial Experiments Lain, before being slightly adapted as an in-universe soundtrack to a setting I was work-shopping for the sci-fi tabletop RPG Shadowrun before finally becoming a mixture two; it's still a love letter to Lain, but I'm also planning to use it once again as an in-universe soundtrack for another Cyberpunk project with a heavy emphasis on the different genres on offer, which is why it's become much more varied recently.

Basically, anything cyberpunk-y and dancefloor ready goes in this list, but it has to be sufficiently 'techy' to make it in (or at least that was the criteria for the initial block you'll see above). You can see the progression of how I was using the playlist in the tracks that are selected, they're in no real order, I just add them as and when I find or remember to put something into it. Which again reflects in the choices; starting out largely minimal techno-y, with a dashing of Electroclash and Trance here and there, before taking a sharp left when Chikada 'JJ' Wasei actually released a sequel to the album that gives its name to the playlist.

From there the selections remain fairly consistent with some more genre additions with some hard Drum & Bass and a little Breakcore. Unlike other playlists I've put together with a certain 'feel', I don't think I've gone back and removed any tracks from this one (minus some unintentional duplicates). I feel like some of that techy feel is getting a little lost with my latest additions at the very bottom, which are mainly Trance. But to get super nerdy for a second, the project I have in mind is going to focus on the genres in particular, the crowd that listens to euphoric trance is going to be very different from the ones in the dark rooms with Dopplereffekt playing see?

Before I go though, a honorable mention to some tracks I wanted to feature but aren't on spotify, starting with a tune I intended to use to bridge the gap between the minimal tech and house to trance: Jackmate's Airraid. I've known about it via Erlend Øye's DJ Kicks compilation for years now, and never did I imagine it'd be so hard to find for streaming (which goes for most of the tunes on that compilation too). A good demo of the kind of sound I had in mind for the Cyberia Mix at it's inception though.

And finally, one of my all time favourite trance tunes that is sorely missed, Slyder's Neo (The One). It takes a little while to get going, but when it does it feels amazing every time. I know I've said this before about other tracks and all that regular cliché stuff, but I could seriously live in that moment of the build & drop at 4:50 for ever. Which is kinda the point of euphoric trance innit?

One more playlist to share, it'll probably be next weekend at this rate when that one goes up. I appreciate your patenience as I try and get back into the swing of things. Until then feel free to dig into my other spotify playlists and as always: stay safe, and enjoy the music.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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