Sunday 20 December 2020

Rifts Revisited

Hello! this is a re-post of a post I wrote coming up on 10(!) years ago now. As I've said a bunch of times now, it's been quite nostalgic republishing all these old posts. In between the odd feelings of sadness when you come across artists who have disappeared of the internet and general dead links there are relics like this. It's funny, I distinctly remember sitting down to write this post and publish that mix at the end too, weird to think how long it's been. Well, the post itself is much shorter than my standard fare these days so I thought I'd write a little preamble. Just for clarity, anything I've added that wasn't in the original post will be in italics, should only be a paragraph or two more!

My thoughts on Rifts remain largely the same - it's a gorgeous compilation of early Oneohtrix Point Never, drenched in gorgeous arpeggios and sporting that distinctly retro sound. He's since gone on to be quite name in the electronic world, but when I wrote this post initially he was in that weird valley of becoming popular in the niche world. While I love a fair amount of his work, the contents of Rifts will always be among my favourites - now with the additional tinge of nostalgia. These players are from the re-issued version of Rifts that has a slightly different tracklist - there's no real change to this post's content apart from the correction of the name of 'Actual Air' on the original compilation actually being 'Time Decanted'. I'm not as big of a fan of the re-issue artwork, the font is a bit aggressive for an ambient record, but I understand why they changed it from the original Vaporwavy one seen below.

I'm going to try and get a post or two out before the end of this year, but if I don't manage it I will see you all in 2021. And as always - Stay safe and enjoy the music!


In what will be probably my last post of this year, I bring you a recent artist in my collection, Brooklyn based ambient musician, Daniel Lopatin AKA Oneohtrix Point Never. Working almost exclusively with vintage analogue synths, OPN's music has same nostalgic qualities as heard in Boards Of Canada's tracks. If I could describe it to you, I'd say it's like the score to an old futuristic sci-fi flick. First up, some tracks from 2009's Rifts, A compilation of his previous 3 albums. These became kind of rare due to limited print and being on cassette. So along with being easier to find, many of the tracks are extended or alternate mixes. and so, let's begin.

One thing I love about OPN, as well as the vintage sounds, is how he builds tracks. often starting with a simple arpeggio and layering sounds over it, until each elements blends seamlessly, or conflicting in such a way the sounds blur together into one.

And to top it off: a Mix by OPN, bundled with my copy of Rifts by the nice folk over at titled Objects In Mirrors. I'd love to include a track list but I couldn't find one anywhere. The intro's a bit out of the blue, as are a lot of the selections if I'm honest, but stick through it, because there are some excellent choices scattered throughout - the first coming in in around 3:50 in.

2010, We'll Go There Again,
-Claude Van Foxbat

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