Sunday 11 April 2021

Into the Nineties and beyond

I've mentioned this playlist offhand a couple of times, so I thought I might as well post it! Here's mine and a co-workers collaborative rundown of the world of 90's electronic. We didn't quite get *everything* in there, I get the feeling we missed a couple and some of them just plain aren't on streaming, but I think we did a solid job. At my coworker's request we also kept it fairly trim so there's not 1k+ tracks like on some of my playlists! Remember that Spotify embeds only show the first 100 tracks as well, to see the full thing you'll have to open the playlist in app / on the web.

The rules were simple: any track from 1990 to 1999 was fair game. You might spot a few that technically break that rule, but that's normally because they're from re-issues of the original albums or such, we researched to make sure each track was definitely of the era! The end result is a real love letter to the era, if a little heavy on the UK-centric side (especially if you read the playlist description!). It's all here though: Floorfillers rub shoulders with the Summer Anthems of the Radio, miscellanious remixes that flip pop/rock songs into various genres of the era and more than a few tunes that may make your eyes roll (and not from the pills) - but as we discussed when making this list, part of the fun of a 90's playlist like this is fully embracing the cheese. We don't do that straight away though - these first 12 tracks are choice selections that still sound great today.

If you're of the same age range as me and them, I hope this playlist takes you back a fair bit, and who knows maybe you'll find some new-old gold on the way. And if you're not - put this playlist on and marvel at the electronic music of yore. Either way, as always, stay safe and enjoy the music.


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