Monday 3 April 2023

Sweet R&R

I've got a chunk of time off as of today, so I'm going to use that time to catch up on so many things I've been behind on, starting here. It's only gonna be a short one to kick things off, but I'm planning to write a whole bunch over the next few days so I can just schedule them out over a longer peroid. But enough of that, let's get into today's tune.

And what better way to kick things off than with a bit of Underworld. They've been in the game a long long time and to my discredit I haven't mentioned them too much over my tenure here - so many iconic tracks to their name, least of which the timelessly euphoric Born Slippy. They gave out a free copy of this version of Two Months Off some time back, and it never fails to entice me with its hypnotic rythms. I've included the soundcloud streamer and a video for 2 reasons: 1) it's one of those tracks locked behind the premium soundcloud, so this way you can hear the full one either way and 2) you have to see the live performance. I loved this era of Underworld because of how understated it is, beyond the lighting setup it is in essence just two blokes and some gear, but you have to see how much fun they're having with it.

Stay tuned for more to come but until then, as always, stay safe and enjoy the music.


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