Wednesday 15 September 2010

Struttin' Songs

As we know, every journey needs a soundtrack, and me? After a long day at college I just wanna walk home and get my swagga on along the way, and I'm sure you lot do as well, so today I'm picking my current favourites; the ones that make you feel like an unstoppable king as you saunter down the street :).

A bit like this

I like the kinda song that has a bit of funk and catchiness to walk to, the kind where you end up taking steps to the beat without realising, as demonstrated in classic Oizo fashion by the man himself, I DARE you not to get you groove on to this one!

A bit more funk and a little less electronic fiddling this time, and also featuring Del Tha Funkee Homosapien on the vocals. It's real old, but the track itself is timeless, due in part to that ever so catchy sample and Del's flowing rhymes. who says we only post house? :P.

This track is the same as Around The World and Eple in the "that song I know but I don't" category, and like both of them it's an amazing tune, highlighting Scruff's excellent sample work, essentially making the song his own. If you have an ear for funky tunes, this will be your jazz flavoured fix for a while, that gets sweeter everytime you come back to it.

This isn't to say I only like that stuff to walk to, no sir, sometimes you just gotta have some lovely electro. For example, Soulwax does it again with another excelent remix that manages to remain interesting despite being the same few bars repeated over and over. Oh, and it's about 10 minutes long too, so it's perfect for those loooooong trips, Enjoy :).

Topping off the Electro side of things is Zombie Nation. This version of Worth It is from the EP and is slightly slower than the album one, making it just the ideal tempo. This is by far my favourite to walk around to, and even though my favourites change weekly, this track remains in my playlists, which I only only do to truly great tracks, like Da Funk. And now I'm rambling, better shut up and post the player already.

To all of you who walk to your daily distraction, be it work or school, Enjoy. That tops off another installment of Pick 'N Mix, hope you have as much fun with these tracks as I do, stay safe, enjoy the tracks, don't get caught and make like Leo up there wherever you go and strut like you mean it!

No street is safe from my swagger,
-Claude Van Foxbat


Mr. Brown said...

I love the new Worth it, way better than part 1 or 2...

Claude Van Foxbat said...

It's not new, it was released before Zombielicious. the EP has another track on it "Sick Is The New Healthy" and while it's good, it pales in comparison to Worth It. guess that's why it's a B-side eh? :)