Wednesday 1 September 2010

Here's top 5 chillin' in September tunes

So, it looks like we already are in September, that means I have to make my top 5s again, yay !

I've heard a lot of really good songs during August and I'll give you my 5 favorite calm ones today.

Rei Harakami is a Japanese IDM DJ, his work reminds me a lot Wisp's, really peaceful, but with some DnB in the back.


An amazing remix by Port-Royal, one more talented band from Italy, it's hard to define their work, some songs are pure Electronica, some other are way more Ambient and they make some nice Post-Rock too.


OK, you know me, I need to talk about french artists, I can't help it. Pilooski makes some of my favorites edits. So what happens when Pilooski meets Nina Simone ? I'll let you decide.


Squarepusher's new project on Ed Banger Records : Shobaleader One. What can I say ? This is pure genius, I love Squarepusher and he didn't disappointed me with this little gem. Get ready for an epic Mr Oizo remix in my top 5 Bangers.


And of course, the best comes at last. Cassius's new song, from their soon to be released on ED Banger EP : "The Rawkers". I've listened to it for about 2 hours, and I can't get enough of it.

The little dubstep touch, the lovely sample from "Gladys Knight & The Pips - I Feel A Song"... everything just sounds goddamn good.


Can't wait to hear the remixes of this one...

Enjoy, and get ready for my top 5 bangers !


Claude Van Foxbat said...

Good to see Pusher doing more things like Just A Souvenir, what with the vocoders and that, and not more solo Bass (at least not yet).
I still have to pick up that album :(

LRNT said...

I'm not a fan of vocoded stuff usually, but in this particular song, I like it ^^

Adam said...

I love me some ladytron, while they are awesome at remixes my favorite song is a remix of Ghosts by the toxic avenger.

pHiLthy said...

Wow that LADYTRON remix. WOW. Thanks for that.

Boba Fettuccini said...

and Cassius comes to Ed Banger's rescue.