Friday 4 March 2011

A Very Warped History 8: 2000 (1 Of 2)

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Slight change in plan means no Broadcast this time, instead Boards Of Canada's stepping stone release between Music Has The Right To Children and Geogaddi: the In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country EP. The tracks (like the title) are all quite long, with all but one clocking in at just over 6 minutes each and contain elements from the albums that came before and after it; incorporating references to David Koresh and the Branch Davidians from Geogaddi while keeping the sounds from Music Has...

The first track, Kid For Today, is the best parts of the previous album condensed into one track, their now trademark trip hop beats combined with the synths from Olson and Turquoise Hexagon Sun. Absolutley perfect opening track and, like the rest of the EP, is also an excellent starting point if you're just discovering BoC.

On the second track things begin to get a bit minimal, this track can be spilt into just about 3 or 4 different elements, some come and go, other stay throughout the entire 6 minutes. While it's not one of my favourites by them, the ever so smooth synth at about 1 minute in just kills me every time.

Moving onto the title track and probably my favourite on the EP, In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country. Continuing the style set by Kid For Today it's another conventional BoC track, and a decent one at that, but the (what I presume) sampled voice that comes in after the break at 1:10 transforms it from decent to fantastic. One of their best tunes.

The closing track, Zoetrope is the black sheep from this EP, it doesn't get nearly as much attention as the other three, perhaps because it's even more minimal than Amo Bishop Roden, consisting of no beats and a single melody that slowly and subtly changes throughout. Fun Fact: Radiohead apparently sometimes play Zoetrope to the crowd before they come out on stage.

Sorry for the change in scheduling, not only have I had a ton of schoolwork dumped on me this week, I'm finding it really difficult to write about the tracks from Broadcast's debut album, to the point where I'm considering writing a brief summary and just posting the tracks.

Like Stepping Stones,
-Claude Van Foxbat


Silverdust said...

Radiohead playing BoC? OMG! Can someone confirm this?

Claude Van Foxbat said...

@SD, I forget where I read it but it doesn't seem that unlikley, Thom Yorke is a big fan of Warp especially Aphex, Squarepusher and BoC; And he guested on Flying Lotus' album last year