Monday 14 March 2011

Feelin Lucky?

Hey guys Its Nite, here to grant you wishes and a pot o' gold. Nah, but seriously I'm here to give you free tracks and that's almost as good right? (right?) Well moving on, I've been busy as of late (of course) getting ready to finish up high school and prepping for my College Life at GSU, as well as trying to get a fucking job (which, if things work out, I should have one by the end of next week). On to the tracks, before I bore you all to death with my life story.

First up is Moby track, off his new and free EP, Be The One. The track's name is Sevastopol and its quite good. No screw that, its GORGEOUS, especially when the mysterious random vocal pops up at 2:35. That part is The only downside to the track is that there is no real buildup or climax . It just goes. Still, its very good.

Next up is one of my personal favorite tracks of all time by a certain DJ Gregory. The track's name is Elle and my god....its amazing. Of course there are several different versions of the track, most of which can confuse you just by the names itself. This version is my second fave of all the mixes on here (Next to the EOL Ritual, which I may put up on a later day). The track is very chill and, while a bit repetitive, is definitely nowhere near mind numbing. You'll like it.

Third up is a Blaze track. I know, I know, I've put up a lot of Blaze tracks for the past few posts. But I can't help it, they're that good. Each track I pick of them is definitely top of their line. this one definitely proves it with its very sexy synth and gorgeous beats. To top it off, it has even more beautiful vocals to complement it. It truly is a perfect track. One of the few out there anyway.

And now for a couple more tracks that I like but wont go into detail, simply because I'm too lazy.

Happy Pi Day and Have a crazy St Patty's day this thursday you crazy Americans.


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