Saturday 30 June 2012

Stop Listen Think V2.0

I complain about the label 'IDM' a whole lot. Probably more than I should but come on, seriously? "Intelligent Dance Music"? and the thing that annoys me most is how casually it gets thrown around: I don't consider the stuff made by Boards Of Canada to be the same genre as AFX's trademark beat butchery but apparently they're the same under 'IDM'. Anyway enough, moaning from me, the important thing is I've had to throw it around a couple times since it seems to be standard internet lingo for it, and I post a lot of things that fall under it. And I'm about to do it again.

As you all know, I've been working on condensing my posts into single tracks, which means I don't have to say as much, you don't have to read much, and I can crank them out much faster than normally, and it's a bit of spice compared to the usual words-track-words-tracks format I usually adopt. Win-Win situation right? The Drum & Bass one was a little out of leftfield I admit, so here's somethin more akin to my usual selections; this time it's a return to my experimental electronic section as we take a trip through over half an hour of my select cuts from my catalogue, in which we'll explore the full range of different tempos and sounds. Once again, enjoy.

As with the last one of these posts, I'm not sure I still have this mix in file form and even if I did I don't have anywhere to really put it. It would go on Mixcloud unlike the Squarepusher one, but it's not a big loss as it was a bit slapped together. Still, the tracklist survives so I'll scatter the individual songs that were in it below.

µ-Ziq - Catkin And Teasel (Lunatic Harness, 1997)

Chris Clark - Lord Of The Dance (Clarence Park, 2001)

Plaid - Squance (Double Figure, 2001)

Locust Toybox - Breach Lightly (Noon, 2012)

Bibio - Sugarette (Ambivalence Avenue, 2009)

Aphex Twin - On (µ-Ziq Remix) (On Remixes, 1993)

Autechre - Slip (Amber, 1994)

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Sulphites said...

I only use the term IDM if I can actually dance to it. If I can dance to it and its quite basic (like what every song on your local hit station seems to be these days), then its dance. If its 'messy' (best term i can think to describe), and I can dance to it, then it fits into my definition of INTELLIGENT dance music. (Think i may have spelt intelligent wrong)