Thursday 12 July 2012

Slow This Down

Today's been a quiet one, been tracking down some demo cassettes. It's been nice though, after the past couple days I was ready for a little bit of doing nothin'. And that meant what a day off usually means for me: a bit of catch up on things I meant to do resulting in an art and sound binge. And it's that that I'll be taking select pieces from today.

After my last post about old school dubstep, I picked up the latest free EP dropped by Suspect and Stenchman (Together appearing as Suspicious Stench) cleverly dubbed The Fr33 EP and the opener is pretty special. It almost, just almost tops my all time favourite chilled dub track: Pangaea's absolutely stellar Router

Suspicious Stench - Faith In The Future

It's been a while since I've mentioned our Norwegian pals Röyksopp, this one's from The Understanding, which I initially thought was a lacklustre sequel to the now cult Melody A.M, but over time it grew on me. There's plenty of quality to pick from here, but this one's especially great for those do nothing at all kind of days

I can't quite make my mind up about Plaid, they have good songs but I can never listen to them one after another after another. That doesn't matter too much to me because I swear by the shuffle button, but regardless sometimes a track just grabs you you know? like Autechre's Nine before it, the spaced out echoes in this track meant that this jumped straight into my favourites list and will stay there for a very long time.

An old track I found buried in my library but thanks to the magic of shuffle came up again one day. I didn't remember who it was by, so after about a minute I check and I was surprised. It's a little known bit from Zombie Nation's debut Leichenschmaus The beats are pretty great but the icing on the cake for me is that vocoder. I loves me a good vocoder.

Last one is another from Pretty Lights. His debut album is very very sweet hip hop through and through that just hits the right spot for me, and the man himself is giving it out for free on his website so you can get it right now! It's a shame he moved away from it for the sophomore, but that's what second albums are for right? and there's still plenty of nice material in the fifteen tracks from Taking Up Your Precious Time anyway.

Future Proof,
-Claude Van Foxabt

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