Monday 9 July 2012

How to nicely start the week

Hey guys.

Some great tracks came out this weekend, here are those who really got on my mind.

I couldn't not start with this track. Frank Ocean gives us another track from his soon to be released album Channel Orange. A magnificient mix between poetry, hip hop, electro and jazz.

Louis La Roche is best known for his disco house skills, he diverges from his usual style here, going for something a bit more clubby/techno, still pretty strong though.

Pyramid decided to try his hand at Logic, he usually makes his tunes using FLstudio. For a first shot, that's pretty impressive! As usual, everything is about the atmosphere, the progression slowly getting to your guts...

Pilotpriest's back with some synths that'll keep your mind in the clouds for a few minutes, while slowly coming back to reality because well, it's monday.

Let's close this post with a catchy remix of Anoraak - Made-Up by the 3 guys officiating under the name of Les Loups.


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