Sunday 9 June 2013

Music By Moonlight

I've fallen into that pit again of having no schedule and staying up to the wee hours because I can, only this time with more games of Cards Against Humanity. One thing stays constant like, and that's audio accompaniment.

We'll kick things off right away with a couple tracks that have been scratching my hip hop itch. Number one is long time Aesop Rock producer Blockhead with the original instrumental version of Daylight from Aeosp's Labor Days album. I tracked the instumental down after diggin' that track, Aesop's is all fine and dandy,but this instrumental is far too sweet to pass up.

Next is a group I recently came across when exploring Nightmares On Wax's label. The Deadbeats don't seem to be that popular, which is a shame because their stuff is very sweet indeed. Here's the track that introduced me, sweet as is, that special moment when that beat slams in around 1:15 sold it.

And bringing us to the final two, I had to pay my hometown hero the Wax man some service. Here's a long one from my highly recommended LP of his Smokers Delight, I just love the little guitar flourishes throughout. And the shelf wobbling bass doesn't go amiss either.

And finally, standout chillout piece from the Knife's soundtrack to Swedish thriller Hannah Med H still a favourite of mine to this day, it's got more in common with their first self titled LP and Karin's old band Honey Is Cool than their later work for sure. The last quarter is pretty much perfection, completely nails the sound.

Day Turns Night,
-Claude Van Foxbat

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Kondicionieriai said...

Nice songs, especially the second.