Sunday 2 June 2013

Radio Claude Vol. 1

Got into mix taping again. I know, I know, but I did a little bit more mixing on this one than before, so I feel comfortable calling it that. After giving the Miss Kittin's brilliant Radio Caroline Vol. 1 another listen, I've decided I like the idea enough to take it into my own hands, so here's a 'what I'm listening to' basically. I didn't want this to feel bare, so I've put some art in there too, it's a it rough around the edges but that's because I've re-used it from an old graphic design project. Tracks and links after the art!

Golden Boy With Miss Kittin - Nix (Or, 2003)

A:xus ‎– When I Fall In Love (Stryke's Acid Dub Techsture) (When I Fall Remix Project, 2000)

Misstress Barbara - Never Could Have Your Heart (Misstress Barbara vs Barbara Brown Vol. 1, 2002)

Mount Sims - Later On That Night (UltraSex, 2002)

Felix Da Housecat - Silver Screen Shower Scene (Thin White Duke Remix) (Silver Screen Shower Scene EP, 2002)

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