Thursday 15 August 2013

AT / AA 66

Jeremy Mann - New York Night In Blue

Ambient dealer Oneohtrix Point Never recently worked with Sofia Coppola on the soundtrack for her latest flick The Bling Ring. Now Sofia has a penchant for almost perfect music choices and this time is no different. Most of the soundtrack might me mainstream rap & hip hop and the juxtaposition of Oneohtrix's synth fueled ambient track Ouroborus on the soundtrack inbetween Azealia Banks and 2Chainz is amazing. Also tucked away on the OST is the collaboration between OPN and Brian Reitzell (whose work on Coppola's previous was fantastic) The Bling Ring Suite is a brilliant piece that swings from ambient to 80's style synth pop, to OPN's famous Juno-60 drones and back again.

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