Tuesday 20 August 2013

AT / AA 71

Michael Alan - Fasion

A bit from the black sheep of Oizo's work; Moustache (Half A Scissor). Compared to Analog Worms Attack and Lambs Anger, I can see why it gets a lot of flack, hell the record is in part responsible for Oizo jumping ship to Ed Banger after his then label F-Communications described it as un-listenable. But it does have it's pluses, the Autechre lads have said it's one of their favourite albums and there are some real good tracks in here. This is one of them featuring some lovely cut up style samples scattered throughout, in a recent AMA over on Reddit Oizo said he just recorded himself dropping the needle on a ton of different vinyls to get the sounds giving it that lovely rough edges feel that is almost his trademark.

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