Sunday 14 December 2014

Names of 2014


It's this time of the year again, this time where you look back and remember your best memories!

I decided it was time to post about the new names of 2014, the ones that already made it big times as much as the ones to remember for 2015 because you'll defintely hear again about them.

Erson Rybod

First one that comes to my mind is Erson Rybod. What do we know about Erson Rybod? Pretty much nothing, and that's what he is all about. Behind this really well done skin mask hides Louisahhh!!!'s protégé, who so far only released a 10 seconds long messy sound and one of my favorite set this year on Rinse fm. He started being active on instagram earlier this month, always wearing his mask, always doing strange stuff and very often hanging around with Louisahhh!!! so it's kind of safe to say that something is in the works, probably to be released on Bromance Records.

I had the chance to see him dj last month, as he opened for Gesaffelstein at Le Zenith and it was a strong set, no doubt about it. I love musicians who are not only musicians but who work on their appearance, their universe and the overall feeling you get when you see and or hear them, Erson mastered that.

Here is his impressive Rinse fm set, tracklist in the comments section, as usual.

Extreme Precautions

Next one is not really a new name but a new alias, Mondkopf's. Extreme Precautions is his new side project.

Over the years, Mondkopf's style grew from minimal electronica to super oppressive and dark techno, and it was clear that his style will continue to go further into that genre when he released Hadès last February. The question was, would it still be music, or would it just be something filled with terrifying sounds? Well it's a bit of both and it is done with the talent he's known to have.

He released his first untitled album, filled with untitled songs that you can buy on Bandcamp.

Untitled 6

Ateph Elidja

Let's stay in the techno field, the genre I listened to the most this year --more on that in an upcoming post-- with Ateph Elidja.

Ateph Elidja is not new around, he used to release songs under the name Rhaft before, but it was so different it is safe to say that he was born again under this new name. I had the chance to run into him and chat for a few minutes at the end of a show at Le Showcase where the whole Bromance and Zone family was playing, beside being good at what he does, he is very humble and nice, which is always a plus.

Signed on Bromance Records, he dropped mesmerizing techno songs and remixes this year. I cannot picture 2015 without at least 2 EPs from this man. I was most impressed with his original songs, you recognize his style and atmosphere instantly, something between alarm sounds, deep notes and twists.


Now, ZHU.

ZHU came out of nowhere in the beginning of 2014, and is now nominated for the Best Dance Recording Grammy award alongside Basement Jaxx, Disclosure or Duke Dumont. His biggest song is the one you probably already heard a couple (of hundred) times, Faded. That song reminds me of tracks such as Bulletproof from Laroux, as in EVERYONE remixed it including The Magician, Lido, ODESZA... most certainly because of how catchy the vocal part of that song is.


I did mention Lido above, and he's in the list too, what a coincidence, right?

Lido is a young and crazy productive producer from Norway. With his 4 notes signature he always includes in his song, he managed to release some of the most impressive remixes this year and a great EP, I Love You Too, that got remixed by artists such as Para One or Hoodboi.

For some reason, his style strikes me as very japanese electro-ish on songs such as Money, while sometimes it's definitely trap infused. No matter what you call it, it's good, and that's what matters in the end.

s h a m a n a

s h a m a n a produces mostly ambient trap, and uses things you would not really think about when it comes to it. You'll hear samples from Sonic the hedgehog, Mario or vocals by the Destiny's Child etc...

While some of his productions can sometimes feel a bit uninspired to me, overall the quality of each of his productions is great. I'm not a huge fan of ambient trap, but he does it very well.


Last but not least Spectre//Sound, from Senzu Collective, where artists such as our friend Alecks Awklr releases countless quality productions.


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LRNT said...

1. Erson intro (Lag Tester 3.86mill)
2. EPROM Center of the Sun (Erson Rybod edit)
3. Elan Tamara & Dimitri Grimm - Doze
4. Clark - Superscope
5. Nicky Da B (Showboy Cj Remix) Radio Version
6. John Oswald - Metallica-Net
7. Major Lazer - Bubble Butt ( Dj Snake Remix)
8. Qebrus
9. Diplo - Biggie Bounce (feat. Angger Dimas & Travis Porter)
10. Starkey - Pyramids
11. Gaslamp Killer (ft. Dimlite) - 'Seven Years of Bad Luck for Fun'
12. Kuedo - Work, Live _ Sleep in Collapsing Space
13. Love _ Under the Skin _ Mica Levi (Erson Rybod edit)
14. Death Grips - No Love
15. Death Grips - Stockton
17. Delta Funktionen - Redemption
18. Justin Jay - Altitude
19. BROOKE CANDY DAS ME (Erson Rybod edit)
20. Gui Boratto - Take Control (Danny Daze Wormhole Dub)
21. Traxman - Footworkin on Air
22. Elektrochemie - Pleasure Seeker
23. The Hacker - PURE ENERGY
24. Orion Bouvier - Charlie Le Mindu Paris Hait gris
25. Traxman - I need some money
26. Jonas The Plugexpert - Jukenburg
27. Jonas the Plug expert - Come correct
28. Brillz feat. Teddy Tuxedo - Buckwild
29. Orion Bouvier - Charlie Le Mindu 2014 stronger
30. Zhao & Matt Walsh - Venom
31. Harshlove - The return of the supa ape (Erson Rybod edit)
32. Anthony Rother - Ape Machine
33. Mykki Blanco - The Initiation
34. Galtier - All people
35. Four Tet - For these times
36. Foor PLan - Let's ride
37. Eskimo Twins - The elephant in the room
38. Boards of Canada - New Seeds
39. Matteo Dimarr - Red
40. Louisahhh!!! - Make it happen cover
41. Prodigy - Smack my bitch up (Erson Rybod cover)
42. Wobblt - Yo yo yo, hey
43. John Oswald - Paul McCartney - Birth
44. Black Midi