Wednesday 3 December 2014

While I was out.....

Oh hey, it's good to be back! Finals are done, I'm all caught up with my listening list and down to clown. Wow the ending to this year has been absolutely stacked with great releases and our end of the year lists are gong to be so hard to make. Until then, here are some of my favorite tracks I've been listening to.

With the re-release of GTA V its been fun to go back and listen to Flying Lotus station FLYLOFM and the remastered version has some new unreleased tracks. One of my favorites from this mix was an exclusive from Clams Casino - Crystals. This is one of the busiest bangers I've come across especially from someone like Clams.

I am really hit and miss on Acid but this newest release from Daniel Avery's titled Drone Logic was really close in changing my mind. One of the best and danceable cuts form this album was All I Need, I love the juxtaposition of the kick drum and the synth thats just slathered in reverb. The vocals are deliciously sexy especially mid track when a voice demands that you "taste it"

Jon Hopkins absolutely blew me away with his album Immunity so I'm thrilled that he is in Japan recording a new album. In the mean time he dropped a stellar essential mix along with this small EP that feature "Asleep Version" remixes on some of immunities best tracks. The standout is Form By Firelight and it features vocals from Raphaelle Standell.

This next one was tough, I want to hate Ariel Pink and write him off as blog fodder but ill be dammed his newest album Pom Pom had some pretty interesting ideas that kept me coming back.

Worlds Fair is a rap collective from Brooklyn and their work so far has been pretty solid and sounds almost like something the Pro-Era crew would put out if they weren't stuck up their on asses. Anyways this is from their mixtape B.o.t.p.

I'm sure you all have seen a decent amount of hype for Andy Stott's new album faith in strangers and honestly its all true. I actually first heard of Andy fairly recently on Matthew Prain's mix he did a couple of months ago. I was absolutely lost in this album and after I heard this track I was instantly hooked. There is a lot to love with this one, the brooding baseline and a post apocalyptic synth line and those eerie vocals make this one of the best of the year.

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