Saturday 28 March 2015

Working For The Weekend

After spending the last couple of days wrestling with a website that seems to hate chrome with a passion, I should really take the weekend off, but I can' be doing that because I have deadlines to meet so that's gone out of the window. Luckily I've had time between renders to catch up on what's been happening out in the music world, specifically with my long time label romance Warp.

New Squarepusher first! From upcoming LP Damogen Furies which has killer artwork. Given his most recent albums I wasn't sure what to expect. Not in a bad way mind, just not sure what style he'd be doing this time. I was expecting to hear some more of the Z-Machines in there but they aren't on this track at least. It starts off pretty Squarepusher-esque but some synths come in later which give me a lick or two of Glass Swords-era Rustie. And I'm perfectly fine with that.

The new HudMo's been blowing up a ton too. I'll be honest and say that I've never been a fan of his trap direction (but I did like 100HM so there's that), but that intro had me VERY interested. I'm diggin' this track a ton, Irfane who you may recognise from Breakbot's releases lends his talents to the track and makes a treat to listen to.

-Claude Van Foxbat


Radu said...

Hey, did you fixed your Chrome issues? Can I help? Thank you for the music, as always.

Claude Van Foxbat said...

Not an issue with Chrome sadly, more the site I have to use is just really buggy and un-optimized for it. Did manage to get it done before I wrote this post tho!