Wednesday 16 September 2015

The New Guy

Hello! My name is Jakob and I'm the new guy (so to speak). I hail from the land-in-the-north-but-not-quite-there called Denmark. As I told Claude when I first proposed the idea to write a few posts for the blog, I'm not new to the site. I have been following it on and off since sometime in 2009. I'm an avid fan of primarily - but not limited to - electronic music, currently enrolled at the University of Southern Denmark. But enough about me, let's get to the music!

In these first few posts I will be focusing on the electronic music scene of Denmark (perhaps spiced up with some of my favorite non-electronic acts). To kick this whole thing off is Spleen United: An electronic band with roots in drone, rock and techno (think Soulwax with better lyrics). Probably alot of other stuff too! This is one of my all time favorites from them called "Gold Ring". It's from their first(of three) album "Godspeed Into The Mainstream".

Even if this isn't your cup of tea I urge you to check out their other stuff - their third album "School of Euphoria" has a much more contemporary sound, with alot of inspiration from the 90's rave scene. This means a ****ton of 303 synthesizer sounds and really great dancetunes. Here's the opening track - "Days Of Thunder"


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