Wednesday 13 April 2016

Last Minute Updates

Jacek Yerka - Last Minute (2000)

Oh crumbs, I let the days sneak up on me again. Ah well, I'm a little busy today too so let's see what I can muster up in about half an hour or so. Shamelessly putting up more from my hometown hero Mr. Evelyn again, to be fair it's been a long time since I put it up and it well deserves another round.

Long time since I mentioned Locust Toybox too, I still mean to his last LP, the first one he's actually put up for a price. Not that I blame him either, we had about 10 years of free tunes and it was high time he got a lil something more than just the occasional donation.

And seeing us out is Stenhman's remix of DJ Shadow's Scale It Back, Stench recently put out 3 compilations of what he'd selected as his best tracks in certain genres, this one appeared in the Best Of Downtempo one and it was a solid choice indeed.

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