Saturday 9 April 2016

Weekend Service

Roy Lichtenstein - Alka Seltzer (1966)

Back again for the weekend edition. Things are still mighty downtempo so I apologise if that's not your bag but that's just The Person I Am ATM™. Starting off with more Cornelius soundtrack stuff, I haven't actually seen the accompanying movie yet but the sounds are on point as usual.

More of the slower parts of E-Z Rollers' Weekend World again, the jazzy sound of the whole LP goes excellently with either the Drum & Bass or the more Trip Hop style sections. Nightfall is probably my favourite example of this cos both the production and the vocals absolutely nail it.

And finally another from my fave moody melody makers Portishead. Haven't posted this one before, it's a lot smoother than a lot of Dummy but the bassline will still give your shelves a good old wobble. There's a bit of tracklist weirdness too, if you pick up the album on vinyl this tune simply isn't there for whatever reason.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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