Tuesday 5 July 2016

Long Weekend End

Patrick Caulfield - Weekend Cabin (1967)

Hope y'all over in t' states had a god time with your long weekend. And I hope you don't mind I took an extra day off from posting too even tho I'm in entirely the wrong country. Regardless I've been up my usual chill tree so let's get stuck into what I have on offer. Currently in love all over again with this reverb soaked beauty, and it only gets better as it goes on. A tad on the short side but that just keeps it sweet.

Keeping things on the short front with Short Change fittingly, clocking in at 1:41 it's even shorter than Around. This one's also a contender for longest tune in my collection, I musta picked it up at some point in the early 00's, but back then it was a shitty 96kbps version because I didn't know any better, It's since been replaced with a decent quality version between then and now however.

And some Pretty Lights for the first time in what feels like forever. Still more of a fan of the hip op sample fuelled stuff from the first half of Filling Up The City Skies than the direction it takes later on. And this one should be a perfect example of why it's real smooth to listen to and is just well put together overall. A real dream for you out there into sample spotting too.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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