Saturday 30 July 2016


Marjorie Strider - Rosemarie's Bag (1973)

Keeping it on a tight sched here for now, here's a couple tunes to keep you goin. Revisiting my new favourite Swede since The Knife split, Simon Viklund. If you've kept up with his stuff I've posted you have an idea of the electro styled stuff he normally puts out. But way back I mentioned I'd love to see 'im tackle hip hop or trip hop again since he last did in like '09 or so, well my wish was granted a little while back and it's nothing short of fantastic, Make sure to stay tuned after the fake-out outro at about a minute in cos it gets even better from there.

Speaking of revisiting, I've been giving Squarepusher's jazz record Music Is Rotted One Note another go. It does have some real experimental stuff on there that isn't everyone's bag (mine included) but also these damn fine displays of his musical flexibility too. And My Sound is by farad away the best example on there.

And one final revisit to complete the trilogy. Massive Attack are incoming with a new LP it seems, there's a couple of tracks out from it right now but I haven't got around to listening to them yet. The original run was limited to apple things which is pretty silly if U2 has taught us anything. Regardless, Massive have been going since '88 and show no signs of stopping soon which is lovely news. Here's one of my all time faves from their sophomore LP Protection.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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