Saturday 17 December 2016

The Memes Jack

Fittingly after last time's dive into Carpenter Brut what would be the first thing I come across on soundcloud? Another iteration of the We Are Number One meme, which there are about to be plenty more mixes like this of now that the stems are available. It's had its funny moments for sure so I gave this one a shot. But its actually like really good, to the point where the vocals don't even sound that out of place. I'll wait with bted breath for the extended one to come out, but for now enjoy both it and it's instrumental counterpart.

-Claude Van Foxbat


Anonymous said...

Every post you guys make that has Soundcloud link/music are blank to me with only the soundcloud logo in the middle ...why is that?

Claude Van Foxbat said...

No idea other than an overly aggressive adblock maybe? I'll be sure to work in a conventional link to the stuff from now on