Saturday 14 January 2017

Lines And Lines

Karl Benjamin - #14 (1965)

Slightly off schedule again, though I count that as a good thing seeing as this week I had my first proper go at software instruction to a class, so only being off the usual routine by a day is pretty on point given I've missed more time over less. Anyway onto the tunes, as per us this is mostly going to be made up of things that have stuck out to me on shuffle in the past week or so. Starting off with another slice of goodness from Timesplitters, not by Norgate this time but still just as good, actually had to do a bit of detective to find out who actually made this one but it paid off in the end. I can't get enough of the main motif running throughout this one, it's just so catchy.

A bit of Soichi Terda surprised me again this week in a nice way. The gorgeously smooth Yokozuna Beach Chillin' was a nice counterpoint to being blinded by snow flurries trying to cross the road. It's a lovly glimpe back into mid 90's drum & bass too, it's got a very specific sound that I adore. Would love to see more in this kinda vein nowadays, it's a shame this one cuts off so abruptly but that's just a casualty of Sumo Jungle seamlessly mixing tracks when listened to in whole.

And finally, somethin' I usually skip over but left on this time due to not wanting to take my hands outta my pockets and into the cold. There's nothing wrong with Interlude, but man oh man does it take a long time to get going. And moreso than usual too, as in 2:23 of the 5:26 runtime is introduction. Still, it's a nice dollop of synthwave goodness if you've got the patience for it, I wouldn't blame you if you skipped forward.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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