Tuesday 10 January 2017

There & Back Again

Going to share some more recent things I happened across in the run up to and in 2017, Starting with Macross 82-99. I'd heard and seen bits and bats of the stuff via twitter but never really sought it out until hearing it used as interlude music on some streams I frequent. And there I was puzzled to find people calling it Vaporwave, when it's quite clearly a different vibe altogether (and never mind much faster bpms), it's billed as future funk but I can't be too fussed with genre names these days. But I digress, onto the details.

The main reason I've been wanting to share this with y'all is that those of you in for the long haul will remember when we were riding that beautiful wave of french touch, bloghouse or the multitude of other names slapped on it, as well as having a major appreciation for the likes of Roulé and co. Where does this come into Macross 82-99 you ask? Well I think that it might fill that void in our music collection when bloghouse fell from faour. Fun Tonight for example, is giving me the kinda feelins that I had when I listed to The Peach EP back when.

There's even some more slightly downtempo early 00's feelgood house influences in the mix too, as heard on Have Hope. I'm incredibly happy to see this kind of sound come back, as it was the original tunes back when that were formative in my falling in love with electronic music as a whole, as well as having the bonus of being a nice introduction anyone looking to make their first steps into the world of electronic. I do kinda wish they were longer but given the rate that the tunes go upon soundcloud you'll have enough to get you by if you keep tabs on it.

While I do have some gripes with the name 'future funk', there is at least a measurable funk influence in there too. Maybe not as pronounced as say Chromeo or the like, but certainly there. The tune I heard being used as an interlude 82.99 AM does a good job of showing off a good cross section of Macross' sound, and is definitely an exercise in sample spotting if you're so inclined. While not my favourite of the examples I've posted, I have to give it props for turning me onto it and I will be ccetianly keeping an eye out in future.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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