Sunday 12 February 2017

Snowy Synthwave Sundays

Just swinging by with some synthwave goodness on this unusually snowy afternoon. Wasting no time lets get down to brass tacks. Just like Carpenter Brut does on the short and furious Turbo Killer, which seems to have spiked again in popularity as of late. While it's nice to have the spotlight taken off of Roller Mobster once in a while I do urge you check out his other work, the man has his style down pat, and you'll certainly be seeing more of him in future.

And to cap off something I finally remembered the title of after seeing it on a stream, which I originally found years ago as one of those real low effort 80's/90's anime set to synthwave deals. It was Riding Bean if you're curious. Anyway, Lazerhawk's Overdrive takes a while to get going but it all pays off around the halfway mark with a glorious pitch bent riddled synth solo that sounds like it's ready to start leaking out your speakers any minute.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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