Tuesday 21 February 2017

We Were Always Coming Back

Decided on a whim to see if I could find some more obscure things on soundcloud, hoping to find more meticulous archives a la Miss Kittin (more on that later). Instead I checked up on Felix Da Housecat and it seems in the time gone by he's put out another full length, and you can actually get this one without having to buy a copy of Mixmag unlike the one before, though saying that there isn't a proper *physical* release, which is a bit of a shame but that's the way things are going these days and the thing itself is on 256kbp/s too. But enough negatives, have at it and I'll join you again after the embed.

The title's quite fitting actually, after falling out of contact with Felix (like I do far too often in real life too), it's nice to hear him again.
On Is Everything OK? here it seems Felix has fully embraced the 'Nu-Disco' synthwave style stuff, it's always been kinda hinted at in his previous works and done it well. It's a bit of a departure from his usual sound in comparison actually but well made regardless. I do always appreciate treated vocals as you all know, and this is feeling a lot like Moviedisco 2 to me right now. I did always think that Felix could have done more vocal electroclash on his own a bit like Mount Sims, but then again he did make some of the scenes iconic tunes and introduce me to Miss Kittin, speaking of....

Shamelessly re-posting one of my favourite reworks of Rippin Kittin. I adore the tune in all it's forms and as mentioned above I owe it to Felix for introducign me to Kittin early on in my electronic music inductions. But another thing I appreciate a hell of a lot is Kittin's treatment of her Soundcloud as an archive of practically everything she's ever done. Obscure one-off electroclash tunes with The Hacker that only appeared on a compilation relased only it Italy? It's there, along with just about every remix you could ever want.

And that's why this one is so important to me, I can't find this remix anywhere; legit or ill, digital or physical. I understand it's not always possible to be this organised with archiving, hell if most artists are anything like me a lot of the original copies of remixes and releases have been misplaced along the way (and not to mention running a soundcloud archive one must cost more than a few pennies). So I'd just like to thank Kittin once again for the effort and allowing me to essentially go digital crate digging, now to listen to Rippin Kittin one more time...

-Claude Van Foxbat

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