Sunday 28 January 2018

Songs In The Key Of Chroma: Part 1 - The Upbeat

I've been back on my playlist creation and curation trip again, I wanted to make something akin to mood playlists but didn't want there to be a million and one of them knowing me. So taking a leaf from my art education I divvied them up into your four printing inks, I'll be posting them all so far and giving a quick breakdown of what's within them today.

Cyan is a bit of a mixed bag, in here you'll find a slightly downtempo leaning collection sprinkled in amongst little bits of electropop, some ambient selections and other various lush sounds. If I had to pigeonhole it I suppose it be in the vein of motivational playlists. Think artists like: Röyksopp, Ladytron and Boards Of Canada

Magenta now, there's not as much here as I would like but I'm still building them up (my end goal is 100 tunes for each ink, so stay tuned for updates). In here you'll find all manner of tunes to cut loose to, a mish-mash of gorgeous tunes of the House, Electro, Synthwave persuasion, plus a few more. Think artists like: Perturbator, Carpenter Brut, Macrosss 82-99 and Vitalic

It's been a fun experience, I'm trying to limit myself to 2-4 tunes per artist so there should be plenty variety in there. I already have the other two playlists, Yellow and Key put together on my spotify if you're interested in a sneaky peaky at the upcoming post. Like I said earlier I'll be trying to build each of these up to the 100 mark,so give em a follow if you're into that. I'll be back next week with the other side of the inks which will be a little bit more laid back than this offering.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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Discotraxx said...

Those are excellent playlists with so many great tunes. Congrats!