Tuesday 15 May 2018

Spotify Monthly Selections May

I'm feeling a little more uptempo this time. In the spirit of last month's selections I decided to stretch my house legs once again and put together this little concoction for you. I didn't want to re-tread the filter/french territory as much this time, and once again I was surprised at the depth of selections on offer through spotify. Seems they've massively expanded their catalogue since I last used them in my early Uni days.

I was running a little short on selections so there is some more electro-house styled stuff in the middle from MSTRKRFT and Siriusmo, but the real meat of this month is the final 5 anyway. I've always liked deep house, but I made the mistake of trying to seriously expand into the genre when it became the hip new thing and the waters got very muddied. I wouldn't mind but the stuff that gets billed as deep house these days is sofar from what I'm familliar with I'd hsitate to call it the same genre. So I compiled a few of my favourites new and old, I could listen to Soichi Terada's Purple Haze all day, and Laurent Garnier's Last Tribute From The 20th Century somehow slipped past me all these years, which is a massive shame because I am madly in love with that bassline on it.

Also featured is Octave One's Burujha, a tune I was introduced to via Ford & Lopatin's (FKA Games) mixtape called Spend The Night With. It's a real mixed bag of genres what with a couple of Enya tunes on there, but nestled i nthe mix is this lovely slice of Detroit goodness that I've not been able to get out of my head since. What's a deep house selection without the one and only Mr. Fingers? hailing form the 80's, Can You Feel It? is top tier deep house to this very day. For the final tune I wanted A:Xus' Callin' You (Baghdad Cafe) but unfortunatley it's not available on spotify in full. So instead I went with a more recent release of his, the ever-so-slightly melancholy Suite Disappointment, which features the same Vocal House style that I wanted Callin' You for, so it all worked out in the end!

-Claude Van Foxbat

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