Wednesday 27 March 2019

Ilictronix Podcast: Button Mashin' D&B, Breakup Playlists Continued

"Claude brings some Video Game DnB. Adam goes through another breakup and continues his breakup playlist "cuffing season edition" "

We are live for this week! I one again revist the world of videogames, with an initially unintentional (but then I made it so) focus on the world of Drum & Bass and all it's flavours. We cover a whole bunch of ground in this episode; from old school breakbeat to liquid funk and even a little bit of breakcore in there too. I couldn't have contrasted more with Adam's choices this week but more on that as we get to it.

I appreciate that these episodes blur the lines with what the show's about, and that it might not be for everyone given the subject matter, but as mentioned last time it came up games played an integral part in my electronic music journey and continue to do so to this day! I also tried to keep it fairly varied in terms of the audio, even though we're mostly dealing with Drum & Bass this week, I tried to bring a selection of flavours from a selction of sources; we have fan works, independent works, and dedicated composer's work too. Though saying that my intro choice for this week breaks that trend, as teased (off-mic) last week I have recently picked up a bunch of quite obviously Rustie and Hudson Mohawke inspired stuff I am still absolutely in love with. Major shout-outs to OCRemix this week, with two of the tracks for this week coming from albums hosted on their site (of which you can find links to in the show notes!).

Adam's choices for this week are very much considered, and once again I very much appreciate having him on the podcast (and as well for editing and uploading it of course). We touch on many things ABOUT music in his section of the show, which is something we've talked about a little in previous episodes where we discussed how we listen and why (or why we think) we do that. And honestly I really enjoyed it, part of what makes ilictronix what it is is not just the electronic music component, but the passion as well, and you can hear as Adam talks us through his choices this week that each one has been carefully considered and has its place in the listing. Perhaps a little bit deep for a show where we mainly just talk tunes in a casual fashion but I feel its an important aspect of the musical experience, and I definitely would rather have it this way than us just talking about dancefloor bangers back-to-back (even if we do from time to time!). Tracklist and the show notes below as per usual!

Intro:Louis Futon - Shoulda Known (GANZ Remix)

Claude’s picks:
Rom Di Prisco - Quantum Singularity
Flexstyle - Unstoppable (Critical Hit!)
0edit - Impetus
Toby Fox - Your Best Nightmare
Zircon & Jillian Aversa - The Search For Ambrosia (NYC Streets)

Adam’s Picks
Arca - Brokeup
Calibre - Addict
Other People Place - You Said You Want Me
Kraftwerk - Computer Love
Basic Channel - Lyot Remix
Thom Yorke - Truth Ray

Shoutouts once again to OCRemix for doing what they do and providing a ridiculous number of albums and remixes over on their website. Two tracks I talked about this week are taken from their albums, the first being Flexstyle's Unstoppable (Critical Hit!) which you can find on the album ARMed And DANGerous, which is available for free here!. The second is from the Deus Ex themed album I mentioned, it's my favouirte of the OCRemix albums I have for a variety of reasons, all the tunes are excellent for a start but it also includes several different cover designs so you can customise it further, even printing it out if you wanted to make a jewel case out of it. The second track I talk about is Zircon & Jillian Aversa's The Search For Ambrosia (NYC Streets) which is available on the album Sonic Augmentation, which is also available for free here!

I do own it through Steam, but if you have no desire to pick up the game, or just want to throw a bit of money his way, you can find the Undertale Soundtrack on Toby Fox's bandcamp here. I would reccomend giving it a look, aside from that breakcore example I played there are some really good tunes on there, and some really beautiful chiptune-style pieces too.

Finally, Ed Harrison's new 0edit bandcamp is here, the Neotokyo soundtrack is split into two albums; NSF and GSDF, I can wholeheartedly recommend both. I have yet to check out his other solo release but I most definitely should given how I've fallen back in love with the Neotokyo stuff.

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