Wednesday 22 May 2019

Ilictronix Podcast: Ebony & Ivory

"In this episode: Claude feels the rhythm of HOUSE. Adam feels his avant-garde oats."

We are live for this week! I try to keep things on the uptempo trend after a brief dip into chill stuff last week; only to have Adam take the entirely opposite approach. Still it's a good, if tonally inconsistent episode. I get to share some absolute clangers of tracks I've been holding onto, and we get to touch on our mutual love of ambient and experimental music too, which we haven't had much chance to as of yet besides passing mentions. I appreciate it's not for everyone, but as we discuss in this episode and have in previous, we love all forms of electronic music and to be honest its high time we give the experimental stuff some airtime. The beauty of the podcast format means you can skip around if it's not your cup of tea too (which I won't judge you for if you decide to do).

I try and (mostly successfully) try to make a list of not-french house, some new names on there for me and some old, I've been really into Guidance's back catalogue for a while now, and that influence shows on the A:xus and Franche tracks, as well as a bit of the local flavour courtesy of Everything But The Girl and Rex The Dog, rounded out with a Parasite Eve remix from Yoko Shimomura and Dan K to ease into the Deep House side of things. Adam meanwhile brings a whole host of new names to the table (minus AFX and Hopkins, naturally) which I actually really appreciated. I have a love for ambient synth work that I've been sorely neglecting and this episode provided me with more than a few notes to take down! Full tracklist follows as usual:

Caterina Barbieri - Fantas

Claude’s picks:
Everything But The Girl - Wrong (Todd Terry Remix)
Yoko Shimomura - Missing Perspective (Dan K’s Late Night Session)
A:xus - Suite Disappointment
Rex The Dog - Bubblicious
Franche - What’s In There

Adam’s Picks
Suzanne Ciani - Concert at WBAI Free Music Store (excerpt 9:00 - 14:00)
Jon Hopkins - Singularity
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - First Flight
Aphex Twin - T69 Collapse
Pavla & Noura - Siblings Music

Inner City - Big Fun (Simian Mobile Disco Remix)

We mention Chikyu-u Records again this episode, they're the label that the Franche track was on. They have a ton of bandcamp releases like we mentioned, and you can find their full discography is here. Also as we mentioned most of the releases on there are Pay-What-You-Want so you can pick them up for free if you'd like, personally I'm definitely throwing some £ their way after I dive further into their discogs.

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