Wednesday 15 May 2019

ilictronix Podcast: Tune In, Drop Out

"In this episode: Claude and Adam both share their "day off" playlists."

We are live for this week! It's a return to form for me as we enjoy our collective time off with a little bit of downtempo. I feel like I've earned this one, I kept it upbeat for a few episodes after all; we take a trip down memory lane with some new and some old additions to my collections, opening with another piece from Mehdi's pre-Ed Banger debut beore hitting up my recent bounties from my dive into Guidance Recordings' back catalogue from The Dining Rooms, Projections and Flunk (whose album you can still buy quite easily, see the show notes!) and then the real trip down memory lane with Blu Mar Ten and The Deadbeats completing my sweetly smooth selections for this week. It's a list I've planned for a while, originally stating out as one based on our conversation last week about songs that are just 'Ok' but that quickly got sidetracked because I HAD to play Kingsburg and from there it was a sure shot that this would be me back on my downtempo vibes. Adam treats us to his approach to the same prompt, as luck would have it he's been off as well, and unlike me the downtempo fiend he's got a whole host of house and other recent goodies for us this week. It's quite varied, not that Adam usually isn't in that department mind you but I was certainly surprised to see Plaid of all artists on there. I very much need to listen to more of their stuff but I outline my favourites so far in the episode! Tracklist as usual follows:

Intro: DJ Mehdi - Along The Way

Claude’s picks:
The Dining Rooms - M. Dupont
Projections - Kingsburg
Flunk - Honey’s In Love
Blu Mar Ten - Trauma
The Deadbeats - You Never Know

Adam’s Picks
Harry Romero - Indy Loop
Kedr Livanskiy - Sky Kisses
Whodat & Viola Kein - Funeral Song
Plaid - Anything
Cinthie -Time To Move

Kim English - I Know A Place (E-smooth Club Mix)

The Mehdi interview Alex did way back when is still on the site. I couldn't find it at first because I had the dates wrong, Alex re-published it the day after Mehdi's passing. You can read it here

Flunk, unlike many othe rartists I've found on Guidance have a real easy way to pickup their stuff, seems like most of if not all their stuff is on bandcamp, including the two albums I talk about this episode; For Sleepyheads Only and Treat Me Like You Do (For Sleepyheads Only Remixed) are on there, and you can even buy a CD of Sleepyheads Only which is pretty neat for those of us that like Physical stuff!

I mentioned it very breifly in passing at the very end of the episode but I am also working on another ambient EP, it's been just under a year in the making at this point but I'm pretty happy with it so far, You can find the latest track I made on my soundcloud

-Claude Van Foxbat

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