Tuesday 9 June 2020

High Tech Dreams

It's been a while since I made one of these, I've been putting it off a bit as I refine the tracklist but I think it's looking pretty solid. The overarching theme is once again techy sounding stuff, but unlike in the past where I've focused on actual techno I thought I'd mix it up a little bit this time. Initially inspired by the lush and fragile works of Rei Harakami and Susumu Yokota, their influence is hopefully reflected in my choices of tracks (Definitely considering the amount of soundtrack pieces in there!).

We start off with a bit of Drum & Bass but it's not long before we take a turn into more ambient territory courtesy of Kensuke Ushio, I bring the tempo back up a bit with the gorgeously retro Out Of Phase from Yoko Shimomura before bringing things back down again with some Rei Harakami and others. It was an interesting one to put together, I had a vague idea of the tracks I was going to pick, but there were some final stage switch-arounds and additions. Also trying a different player that should display the track titles as it plays!

Again I will admit I am not the best mixer in the world. I do like some of the transitions and things I have going on here but that's the bias talking! It'll be a while before I get the itch to make another one of these anyway, I've been busy republishing the old archives of the blog so I thought I owed you all something a bit more substantial. Regardless I hope you enjoy the content at least, and maybe find a few new tracks to pique your interest. Full tracklist below:

Soichi Terada - Mount Amazing 2
E-Z Rollers - Retro
JMJ & Flytronix - In Too Deep
Kensuke Ushio - Fire Witch I
Yoko Shimomura - Out Of Phase
ConcernedApe - Starwatcher (Maru's Theme)
Rei Harakami - Pone
Mitsuto Suzuki - Clear
Susumu Yokota - Tobiume


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Jesse J. said...

Thank you for putting that "out of phase" song from the parasite eve game ive been looking for it for so long ... also im a big fan of your blog since many years now you made me discover a few artists like royksopp and ford and lopatin ... keep up the good work !