Sunday 7 June 2020

Post - Post-Interview Post (2020)

NOTE: Apologies for the back-to-back old posts but I really liked this one. A major reason I enjoyed blogging back when is it's a living archive of the kind of stuff I was listening to or just starting to listen to at the time. It's fun to see how much (or in this case, how little!) things have changed over the years. I have vague memories of writing this one, I was still in University. Enough nostalgia though, as always stay safe and enjoy.


Got back in from having the third years grill me about my work and where I'm going to take it this year. It was actually pretty good and I got some good contacts from them and I feel a lot better about my plans now I had 'em give me the OK. Back to the chilled selections it is then, tunes after the art!

Edward Hopper - Chop Suey

FlyLo's ideas series has taken hold of me again, especially the more unconventional ones in there. There's a bunch of tunes like this one with beautiful sample work and gorgeous basslines. Only complaint here is that it seems to be mastered quite loud (if at all) which gives me a bit of a jump when it comes up in my headphones.

Jumping back into Unkle's debut here, the instrumental version of this tune Unreal was a favourite of mine, and I got a lovely surprise when I got this bonus one featuring Ian Brown of The Stone Roses fame lending his distinct northern-ness to the track. He compliments the vibe set up by Shadow and Lavelle brilliantly.

I've avoided putting up anything from the Sneaker Pimps for a while, 'cos I assumed like Portishead and co. they'd probably been blogged to death already. Turns out the few that had posted them are dead, which is a shame, they bring some real neat sounds to the field of trip-hop, I recommend you check 'em out.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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