Tuesday 14 September 2021

Bite-sized Bits 01

I have had an idea. Not a new one, it's something I've done before here actually back when I was stuggling to balance work and non-work. Back then I called it 'A Tune / An Art a day' - almost 10 years ago now. I ended up doing 101 of them and thankfully, most of that series survives - but some of the cuts were just too deep! This one is pretty much going to follow the same pattern - I write a little about one track rather than the 3 or 4 that normally make up a post.

Konstantin Korovin - Paris. Boulevard des Capucines (1906)

It's gonna be easier for me to make them consistent that way - and actually gives me a chance to weed through my Bandcamp wish list at a much faster pace and hopefully start pushing that growing number back the other way a bit. Think I might be able to squeeze some more variety out this way to boot. In short - should be a positive all around. My current plan is to try and get one for every weekday just so there isn't a deluge of spam (which ideally should have started on Monday I now realise), but I might scale it back to one every two days and keep the weekend in as well if it gets a little hectic regardless. But enough about the context, let's get to the content!

Starting with a recent addition thanks to the metric ton of electronic injected into my collection from the Touched Two compilation - Alexander Ananyev under his 'Dirty Owl' alias. He's not done a lot under the name but I liked the sound of his contribution to the Touched comp so went on to check out the eponymous Dirty Owl LP. Honestly, it was pretty much what I wanted - more of the sound that sold me in the first place - a little IDM in patches and with some decidedly brassy synths here and there. I'm underselling it as usual because those are my favourites, there is a fair bit of variety in there, but tracks like Bill Gilbert Was Here really make it for me. A little bit Flashbulb sounding overall, with maybe a hint of the more melodic stuff from the likes of Plaid and Global Goon - if you're at all into the more mellow bits of 'IDM' like myself, tracks like this are more than worth adding to your repertoire.

And that'll do it for today, tune in tomorrow for another electronic entrée of choice from me. Until then, as always - stay sfae and enjoy the music.


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