Monday 20 September 2021

Bite-sized Bits 05

Kent Bellows - Kitchen Counter II (Dirty Dishes II) (1984)

If there's one genre that's under represented in my Bandcamp wish list, it's Trip Hop. There's plenty of full on indie hip hop of all varieties sure, but nothing in that specific niche. Chalk it up to the genre not being as popular as it was in the 90's as well I suppose - most of the classic releases are beholden to big labels like Virgin or similar too, so fat chance of them popping up on Bandcamp.

Still, there are bits and pieces on there, admittedly we're stretching the label a bit here as this album is after Fila Brazillia started moving away from that sound and into more general downtempo territory, albeit with often a pretty jazzy edge. I came across A Touch Of Cloth when I was big in my coffee shop style downtempo phase and it pretty much instantly found a home. Airlock Homes marks the start of my favourite bit of the album, the next 4 tracks are all great, and having them be back to back like that is a treat too. I always come back to Airlock Homes though, it's got a sleek jazzy feel to it and I can't help but smile at that bassline. I do have a copy of it physical but I should maybe scoop another one from the BC in case my scuffed up second hand one packs in.

So begins the first proper week of Bite-sized posts, the great irony of doing these has been that I've been finding it much harder to find art pieces to go with them - I'm not being exposed to as much of it as I was in my Uni days last time I did a series like this. The tunes I can write about all day though, so worst case scenario I'll cook up a few and then come back to them and put some images or whatever in there. Until next time - as always, stay safe and enjoy the music.


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