Wednesday, 10 August 2011

2 EPs 1 LP

Hi there, back from my vacation and I have a little something in my backpack for you guys !

First, 3 songs released by Alecks Awklr to make us wait as he's working on another LP ! Alecks is keeping his nice sound, very calm downtempo, so refreshing these days.

These two other releases are not really new, but still.

The Glitch Mob throwed a three songs long EP, and I simply can't decide which ones to post because they all are impressivly good. If you enjoyed their LP :Drink The Sea, you will definitely love these.

So here they are.

We Can Make The World Stop by The Glitch Mob

Remember how I think violins are more than great when nicely used in electronic music ? T H I S.

Warrior Concerto by The Glitch Mob

Palace Of The Innocents by The Glitch Mob

Our long time readers might remember SBTRKT (pronounced subtract), we talked a bit about him back in the beginning of 2010. He released his album this year, and it's been praised everywhere, for obvious reasons, as it is simply amazing.

So who is SKTRKT except a guy with a tribal mask ? If you ask me is an Ambient/Jungle/Dubstep prodigy with a bit of Hudson Mohawke on the side, as you'll hear in his track Ready Set Loop. His style is hard to explain but easy to recognize, isn't that what's best ?

I obviously won't post the whole LP, but here are my favorite tracks and the music video for Wildfire.

SBTRKT - Hold On [click to download] |HTML5|

SBTRKT - Right Thing To Do [click to download] |HTML5|

SBTRKT - Ready Set Loop [click to download] |HTML5|

SBTRKT - Go Bang [click to download] |HTML5|



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