Thursday 2 October 2008

GarageBand Madness

Well I recently found out I could use my synth with a MIDI cable (which I had) to jam around with GarageBand.

I used one given instrument and my synth as a controller. I DID NOT touch this track up one bit. It's basically a recording of me screwing around lol. You'll see some cooler tracks by me in the future, now that I have the power of GarageBand. So take a listen now while you're at it.

Jordan Scales - Floating Above [right click to download]

Some parts are a little offbeat, basically because I missed keys lol. I'm very used to my piano.

Enjoy the chaos


Anonymous said...

It's not doin' it for me. Too monotonous. But good to know you can do that now, maybe you can get a single together and out it on The Daft Club Records before long :D

Jordan S said...

Yea it was just so show off how I can control sound through a controller now. As a track, it's far from decent haha.

btw I got your requests and sorry I havent replied to them, spud asked me to write an article about his new EP so ill get right on that soon. your topics will appear shortly.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I emailed him one of my new songs, that may be part of what he's referring to.

I have lots of articles on more old EDM in process, but I haven't finished them all yet...

Anders "The Swede" Carlson said...

my toes are numb and i love garage band