Friday 6 August 2010

Claude's Birthday Treats

It's my Birthday on the 8th, and it was a tough choice on whether to do another Warp entry or knock up a lil' treat for you, loyal readers, a nice fresh dollop of Pick 'N Mix :). You've probably had enough of my Warp posts for a while. Good news because so have I, and instead have this mixed bag to share with you all, a whole 2 days early - you lucky bunch.

This will be you very soon

First up is a fairly old track I decided to look up on a while back and I only found broken or low quality links. Which is a real shame because this track is super sweet, definitely one of those cult classic tunes you will have heard before but won't know the name of. Good thing ol' uncle Claude is here to shine a light on it once again! As the mix says, it is really heavenly house.

An oldie but goodie that's been motivating me lately, Mehdi's Busy Being Born. The build up a minute in just kills me every time. When it all comes together, it's brilliant.

Now for any of you out there complaining about the lack of electro again, let me pull this ace from my sleeve (pun intended), probably my favourite Beetroots remix ever, it's a shame the don't do stuff like this anymore. Anyway, enjoy the face melting goodness.

Guess what? I'm gonna throw in some dubstep too so you lot don't complain either! first up is some euphoric remixing by D1, taking a chill track and applying some filth. you'd swear it was a trance track weren't it for the seismic bass. Enjoy, 'cause I know I do.

and this one's just here because it popped up while I was playing through my Dub folder and I thought you'd all like it :), I forget the details of the band besides they have a myspace under toastdubstep or something, check 'em out!

this final track's a bit of a wild card, but this is Pick 'N Mix, and I wanna have something for everyone. from a legendary album (that wasn't released on Warp, you'll be glad to hear!) enjoy the smooth synths and heavy bassline on this number way ahead of it's time for 1992.

Your probably thinking I have more reason than simple boredom for me to slow down my posting/the warp series, and you're right. truth is, I'm trying to prepare for my inevitable return to school and the schedule it will give me. BUT I also want to focus on some side projects I had planned and make the most of the free time I have left (as I mentioned in the shoutbox) for said projects. Stay tuned for the results of them, it might take a while. I'll still be lingering on the site despite all this, even if I aren't feel free to E-mail me with anything you want (within reason!)

Movin' at the speed of life,
-Claude Van Foxbat


LRNT said...

So, you're turning 12 ?!

Happy bday man :)

btw, felix da housecat's remix is epic, I've been listening to it for like a year, and still can't get enough.

Claude Van Foxbat said...

very funny here you old dog :P.
yeah it's amazing. too bad most people know it from that sony ad though

Anonymous said...

What's the tv commercial that uses the felix remix?

Claude Van Foxbat said...

@Anon, it's some advert for a touchscreen smartphone, I forget the make, the slogan was "A phone that gets you" or something.
Ninja: just found it on the 'tube :)

Jack said...

Nice collection. Toast is new to me but liked very much! I've linked to you from my social networks; Hope that's cool.

Adam said...

The first song was used by HTC in their simply brilliant ad campaign.