Thursday 26 August 2010

A Very Warped History 3: 1994 (1 Of 2)

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And so I return to my regularly scheduled programming, the next Warped entry. 1994 was a big year for Warp (and for me, cuz I was born). Two legendary albums came out in that year, and they both deserve separate posts in my opinion so I'm splitting it into two.

The first of which is Autechre's Amber. Released only six months after Incunabula it's a very similar style (albeit with some experimental and ambient pieces thrown in) for this would be their last album in this style moving onto more Aphexy style IDM after this release. It's a more refined Incunabula but while that may take a few listens to grow on you, Amber shoots straight for your heart.

With such a short time span between albums they share certain aspects (even sharing the same number of tracks) but while Incunabula was cold and metallic, Amber goes for a smoother, more natural approach while maintaining it's predecessor's elements. Like so.

Only three tracks in and Autechre experiment with a quasi-ambient track, Silverside. Combining heavy beats and muffled vocals, it has ties to Autriche from the first album, and even sounds like it uses the same effects that are at the end of Kalpol Introl. but enough comparison, just listen.

Here things take an upbeat turn with Slip, it's very smooth with catchy hooks and various other bleeps. It's one of my favourite examples of early IDM along with Aphex's Selected Ambient Works 85-92. I once heard it described as "music to write code to" so you can guess what it sounds like.

The next few tracks on the album are more Ambient experiments, and this one is hands down my favourite track from the album, tracks like these were what I was referring to with the "shoots for your heart" comment. I can't say much more that that if I'm honest, it's a wonderful song packed with emotion, Give it a listen, it deserves it

Another of the Ambient pieces, it's beauty lies in the simplicity. The same few synth notes play through the entire 6 minutes (although it seems like only 3), along with various other added effects to break it up. Very, very hypnotic.

For the final stretch Autechre return to the stylings of the opening tracks like Montreal, but much softer. the intro to this reminds me of rain (I've never listened to it when it is raining though, sorry Adam) but before I have time to think about that, the driving bassline hits and it just gets better from there. Things take a mellow turn around 4:40 which is a pleasant surprise!

Amber ends on the same note it began on, strong bassy notes and heavy beats with other synths laid over it but this one has a twist, it slows down gradually throughout, making the beats heavier and the bass notes softer, until it gradually fades out. an great end to a fantastic album if I do say so.

That ends another Warped instalment, as we enter the prime time of their releases, we'll be seeing some really classic stuff. And the next half of this post is only the beginning, So please stay tuned for that, you won't wanna miss it!

Let's Do The Warp Again,
-Claude Van Foxbat


Champiness said...

"Teartear" sounds surprisingly like a dubstep song near the end.

Adam said...

Love these posts! Keep up the good work as always!

Anonymous said...

If you intend to continue the Warp posts, I suggest Boards Of Canada. Awesome hip-hop chillout.