Wednesday 4 August 2010

Status update!

Hi there,

I'm here with some news about the site... The non-blind amongst the readers have probably noticed by now, but some visual changes have taken place. We are currently reworking the site to provide for a more organised, more appealing and extended reading pleasure.

As the buttons on the top of the page suggest: These changes will include adding several new pages to the blog.
  • The Chat
Our chat has been updated already to fit with our new visual style and we hope to see you all pop by once in a while to have a conversation about whatever that's slightly interesting.
  • The Gallery
This page will probably be a showcase for reader submitted pictures and stuff like that. We are also pleased to announce we found a fan of the site that wants to work together with us to kick off the grand opening of this new page (His name's Bob, you'll hear from him again in the near future :p)
  • Feature
In here the artist of the month will get a permanent spot to reside. We might also add festival reviews to this section...
  • The Team
We are currently working on this page that will feature a short biography of all our staff members and the obligatory contact info.
  • Advertise
The chance to advertise with ilictronix has been reopened as well, we'll announce our wallet friendly offers once all the neccesary modifications to the site have been completed.

Phew, so that's what we're working on right now along with some other neat features, that might not see the light of day.

If any readers are interested in helping out with this time consuming process, you can always contact prez or me and we'll see if there's anything you can do for the site (basic web building/designing experience required however).

Now onto my post...

I've recently discovered this site that's definitely worth checking out. Activate your webcams and start posing... Or are you creative enough to get into the ranks of featured contributors like me?

Check out my 2 last submissions :p

And because no post is complete without some mp3... Here's a nice DnB remix of Barbara Streisand by Duck Sauce

Duck Sauce - Barbra Stresisand (Love Thy Brother Remix VS Bassnectar)

Excuse me now as I get back to work, so I don't get scolded by our Prez for slacking.

One more thing, I need some feedback on how the new design is doing, so voice your opinions, Like the changes? Hate em? Got any suggestions? Let your voices be heard in the comments!

Enjoy, Mr. Brown


Unknown said...

while it looks much better organized, no offense, but the graphics are a bit dated. neither the bg nor the buttons match the logo (other than by color), which is the best part. maybe if the buttons could be more solidly coloured like the headers and the grooveshark player, bright blue mouseovers perhaps. the bg could be more tron, like the logo ;)

sorry if that's too harsh, but i think it could be really awesome.


Unknown said...

btw, the illustratins are awesome!