Tuesday 1 February 2011

Good promos

Everyday I get emails from artists or labels promoting their new "320 KBPS EXCLUSIVE CERTIFIED HOUSE MUSIC BANGER". Most of the times I ignore these emails, mostly because the track is probably shit or because the promo was sent to another 1000 people, which sort of ruins the whole "exclusive" bit of the promo.

But sometimes I do get a nice little personalized promo, meaning some thought was put into sending this stuff. This song was sent to me back in mid-January, but I ignored it, thinking it wasn't any good. But the same man emailed me the track yesterday and I thought: "Meh, let's give it a go." And it is damn good.

That man is London-born singer Seb.

He's been releasing some stuff over the years, with some success, and now he put his vocals on Burns & Fred Falke's new collab "First Move", the successor of the dissapointment that was "You Can't Stop Loving Me".

This is a synth-filled, bassy and smooth track that's easy to listen to and it fits this cold weather we've been having (well, apart from Australians and Brazillians, the buggers).

And as a bonus, a remix from the good old duo of Alan Braxe and Fred Falke.


Freezing my ass off,


Boba Fettuccini said...

Would I be correct in thinking Seb is the vocalist from Galleon? His voice sounds a lot like that vocalist...

Alex said...

Theres nothing on his website that suggests that.

Seb said...

Ho ho...not last time I checked guys. Are they good?